Biz-find Banner Advertising.


We can give you targeted advertising as in people who have clicked a category of business who then see your name and logo and whatever message you can give us.

A category ad is just £20 a month for the top banner and £10 for the bottom of your category of business banner.

Top Category Banner advert   

Top of Category Advert example

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Advertisng on Biz-find

Banner Advertising on Biz-find

  • £20; per month
  • £50; 3 Months
  • £90; 6 Months
  • £160; 1 Year






Bottom of category banner advert

  • £10; per/month
  • £25;  3 months
  • £45; 6 Months
  • £80; 1 Year

We can tell you how many eyeballs you have had each month, and the clicks are recorded also for you in your dashboard

Biz-find sites receive around 28,000 visits a month and over half are unique.

We have 500,000 real people on social media to share your listing or ads to.

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Biz-find stats Infographic

Biz-find stats Infographic