Frequently asked questions

FAQ’s: How to make money on Biz-find (Lead finder's role)

How to earn money from the biz-find leads system and how to become a lead provider and earn part time or full time money.

FAQ’s Adding your business basics

The basics you need to know about adding your business to Biz-find directory, and why and how we can help you market your business for free.

FAQ’s How does Biz-find find its website traffic?

FAQ’s Biz-find traffic: a testament to experienceGoogle 'Business directory UK' or 'Free business directory UK'We're not even in the top ten pages! That was a tough learning experience.

FAQ's: Benefits of upgrades

What benefits are there to upgrading your Biz-find Business listing...

FAQ's : How does the Business Lead system work?

FAQ's What makes Biz-find's Business Lead referral system so unique?Biz-find, on the surface, is a business directory where traffic comes, finds the business they wanted, gets the w

FAQ's : Banner advertising on Biz-find

FAQ's : Banner advertising on Biz-findThe UK business directory and B2B lead sourcing website had traffic volume of 39,000+ in December 2014.Banner advertising is