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according to the Bar Council and the Office for National Statistics in the UK, the legal services industry in Britain employs slightly over 200,000 people in an ancillary or professional role. This represented 0.7% of the entire labour force in 2009. In 2010, there were 12,700 barristers and 150,000 solicitors practicing in the UK. The report only recognises solicitors who had obtained practising certificates from the Bar Council, the governing body for the Bar. Most of the barristers operate in London, with only about a third based outside London. London also employs 45% of solicitors in private practice and is home to 25% of all private practice firms in the UK. Legal sector graduate vacancies in 2011 were predicted to rise by 4% compared to 2010 rates (High Fliers Graduate Market Survey, 2011). Law is the highest paid graduate job with salaries at an average of £36,000 (AGR Summer Survey, 2010). This makes law an attractive profession, and competition for training contract places is high; almost three times as many applicants for each available vacancy (Law Society Annual Statistical report, 2010).

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