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The united Kingdom of Great Britain 4 countries rolled into one England, (Where the Queen lives) Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. As an Island with lousy unpredicatable weather, and boring food, we work a lot with the rest of the world. In fact British people have the best geographical education as they could not wait to see what wonders lay off the island, what fruits and exotic things were abroad, and started businesses like; Lloyds and the Dutch East India company many years ago and almost invented world trade, because in all honesty they could not wait to get of the godforsaken island and discover the world and make global trade connections. So we had to include a category for Overseas hotels and travel companies and businesses that deal direct with UK.

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    Netmedia Thailand (Web design Thailand)

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    UK Quality designed websites made by UK nationals living in Thailand. Dynamic, reponsive, user friendly websites, hosting, emails, Untd pages, shops, More Details