Invest in Biz-find

Invest in Biz-find

6 Reasons Why you should invest in Netmedia-Biz-find

What do we have to offer?

We have:

  • 9 sites in 9 countries UK the oldest and biggest site!
  • 5,000 + registered Businesses all looking for more business.
  • Momentum: 150 new signups every month.
  • 30,000 Monthly visitors, over half unique.
  • 25,000 subscribers who need to be cleaned and emailed regularly (I have no time).
  • Over 2,000 blogs and content across the web since 2012.
  • Top of Google for keywords for many sites.
Invest in Biz-find

Invest in Biz-find

1. Room to grow

I have for years heard feedback from well wishers that the sites don’t look that sexy, then again nor does Mutton Massala but that doesn’t stop tons of it being eaten around the world every day. We are a B2B Business directory with Sales leads how low cut do you want our dress to go? I’m open to any decent suggestions that will help monetise.

If someone advised us today make everything on your site Cerise Pink and they will pay, and we believed that it would work given plenty of compelling evidence, then we would make the sites bright girly pink! That’s because we are not married to the project.

We want investors to come in and bolt stuff on and add value to what we already have.

2. All we need to do now is monetise

I have got the people to come to the party , now we need to serve them something up so that they pay and keep returning. The database we have is like the band, so people come every month to see the companies we have, now we need a creative person to get them to pay.

At 5,000 members if 50% of them paid just ten G.B.P. a month for the basic upgrade and the Visitors/subscribers paid just a pound a month to access the database We would make 80,000 G.B.P. a month with the same overheads of of less than 400 pounds a month!

This is just the upgrades we also have advertising on over 3000 categories!

We need Investment in global advertising and video education and to make the sales funnel seamless is what we need!

3.One man band working online

There’s only my EGO to worry about, I am the team right now and no one can be everything to a business.

Come and put a team around me and watch what happens, I am a team player. I am ex Army. We want investors to come in and marry us up with their people and their ideas to grow the sites. Our input is the database of members, visitors, subscribers we already have, you bolt some nice stuff on to it and grow we will.

As a JV I could even come to your office and help your business grow alongside ours!

4.Ridiculously low costs

We are a digital marketing training company, we make our money teaching business how to grow their online marketing. Biz-find is my secondary role and dream of residual income through repeat memberships. So the only costs to the business is domains and V.P.S. Hosting at 5,000 U.S.D. a year!

5.little chance of going bust

We have operated Biz-find since 2012 on virtually zero budget so the business is hardly going to fail. Just tick along until we find that one person who has the vision and wherewithal and wants to get involved in digital media directory and sales leads websites business.

6.Social media reach

We, should I say I, have 500,000 real followers friends and Likes on all the top social media channels, where we share our members pages and ours and the members blogs to. That is unlikely to disappear overnight . unless we got 9 figures for the sites.

What do we need?

Minimum 10,000 G.B.P (10% Equity). as a minimum investment then I can easily show anyone how we can bring in 100% return on Investment in one year, and 22,000 G.B.P Company turnover.each month in the second year etc etc.

2018; we franchise each country site to a manager for 20,000 Quid, launch in that country, and take 15% for life.

Expansion to Europe and Australasia as well as the rest of Asia will provide us very well indeed.

The server costs would not be that much more than they are now, and we keep the domains in-house as our property.

Sell in 3-5 years for 100 million U.S.D. minimum. so 10% is ten million bucks for around $10 grand now! it is a No -Brainer!!!

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