Netmedia-Asia (Professional websites for £200)

Complete websites for £200

Netmediauk is now based in the Far East. Sorry, we are Brits, but the weather and taxes done our heads in. That’s happened before right? to an entire civilisation, so we don’t feel so bad!

Check out the website for when we say complete professional websites. We do training on our frequent visits back to UK mostly in the summer or what you can call a summer you know when it goes darker later!

Netmediauk Limited is an Online marketing agency based in Wirral UK (sometimes) and now the Far East. we train and manage social media for businesses in UK and abroad. We present workshops for business of any size in how to manage an effective digital marketing strategy to bring in sales from leads from the Ianternet. We teach:

How to buy a  keyword effective domain
How to host a website
How to build a professional website for blogging and content marketing (We normally have your website live by around 11 am on the day!)
How to add the best SEO into your website
How to blog so that people actually read and get to know you
How to sell through blogging
How to manage your social media marketing to get people to see your blog.
How to use video to market your business for a lot less than you think
How to manage all this in 2 hours a week.



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