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We provide metal fabrication and mobile welding services in Aberdeen shire and the rest of UK. Stainless, Aluminium or regular carbon steel welding to suit your requirements.

Welders that you can trust!
Do you need experienced welders, who can take on the task and bring a solution to your problem?
What makes us different from other welding companies, is the simple fact that we care. We care to be different, to be outstanding, and to be the welders who you can rely on.
Food processing, construction, oil and gas, chemical productions, marine or sub sea we fabricate and weld for most industries.
Currently we hold welding procedures that enable us to manufacture items for following applications:
Pressure vessels – (Application Codes: PD5500, BSEN 13445, ASME B&PV Section VIII)
Process Pipework – (Application Codes: BS 2633, BS 4677, BS 2971, ANSI/ASME B31.1, ANSI/ASME B31.3)
Structural – ( Application Codes: AWS D1.1, BS EN 1011)
Storage tanks – (Application Codes: BS EN 14015, BS EN 12285, API620/650)
Offshore Containers – (Application Code: DNV 2.7-1)

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