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Content marketing and blogging is now so much more effective than ordinary old search engine optimisation. SEO being the manipulation of the search engine robot to rank a site higher with keywords in the code, and repeated constantly in the public text making it  a terrible read for any human, and results in a fantastically high bounce rate, meaning the vast majority of human readers (remember them, the very people who could have bought from you!) leave your website after 10 seconds, and what good does that do for anyone trying to brand or sell online?

Blogging and good content is the new Search engine optimisation, and Google and other search engines now read the human script, sure it still needs the keywords and meta tags but little old Incy wincy Google Spider can actually see synonyms in your text so it wants a good read, it wants ‘Tips and tricks’ and ‘How to’s’ and ‘What not to do’s,’ because Google thinks you will stay longer on these sites! Simples!

But how long does it take to write a blog? and do you have a good social media reach to invite people to read your tips and fantastic news? It’s very difficult now to get people to ‘like’ your Facebook page, after all you are asking them to endorse your company.

Website marketing is about inbound links from authority sites and good web content writing by creating a blog and/or writing as a guest blogger on other sites and writing press releases,

oh I forgot you already have a nine to five and a family… sorry!

You can write an informative blog with many of keywords scattered throughout the text and still be a useful piece for others to read, but this is a skill UK (native speakers) content writers have, who have been doing web marketing for some time, and can do blogging for you. (This article has no fewer than 12 of the top searched key phrases in this ‘web content writing’ genre, did you spot them all?)

                                                       Blog service Pricing

£30 for any blog and £25 to post to our social media one time!

10 blogs for £250

(You need at least 30 blogs published and shared to social media to make even a small dent in the Internet)

If you have any blogs already done, we will post for free or just £25 for the extra boost to all our social media groupies! (currently around 50,000)

(Oh sure you are thinking guys in the subcontinent do it much cheaper, try them you will soon be back, because you really do get what you pay for!)

To see what our blog writers can do see here

If you want to order more than one and /or regularly we can do a  great deal!

Have a look how many social media likes and tweets we receive on articles on biz-find and this is valuable link juice for your site, that any decent digital marketing agency in UK will do for you but will probably charge a lot more! (catch that last key-phrase? Subtle huh!)

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