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How to use Twitter effectively and get a huge following !

As sweet as your baby is, or as exciting the new Smart Phone you have bought may be to you, not many people really care to be quite frank!

netmediauk no one cares about your baby pics cute as they are

Netmediauk baby soo cute but who cares?

Remembering Maslow and his hierarchy of needs from way back when I was in Education, I still vaguely recall that people have two motivating factors;

What they could lose,
What they could  gain.

Keeping this in mind it’s essential you Tweet things that your targeted audience will find useful.

The pivotal factor behind any successful use of social media is that it is not about you, it’s about your target market. Remember the adage…

            “Nobody cares what you know till they know you care”

This message is so relevant for a digital marketing generation, and should be what all good online marketing trainers endeavour to get across to business.

Two things you need to start  a great social media strategy:

1) A well written useful (to everyone else) article, press release or Blog.
2) Lots of followers to read the headline and be interested enough to want to click and read it!

If you have a decent following on Twitter of people whom are generally going to be interested in your business, you can receive many hits to your blog, do this consistently enough and you are branding yourself effectively as an expert and a leader.

 Having 1,000 targeted Twitter followers generated around 800 new visits to the site each month!  source :Hub spot

Quite often a percentage of your  readers will be ready to click your call to action, which is at the bottom of every written piece you ever publish, and they are then in a frame of mind to be sold too, in other words they have now come into your shop!

You could always find your trageted Twitter following yourself, sure but how long will that take?  We conducted research and you could be really shocked!

At a netmediauk online marketing workshop we can teach you how to grow your twitter quicker with the right people to increase your leads and conversions follow us for more information

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