How to use Biz-find

This is what we get up to online and how to use Biz-find to market your business free and find new clients through our unique lead referral programme: is a Netmediauk  website. We have been online since 2006 building websites and web directories, and actively engaging in social media.

This website is different to all the other directories because our unique selling point is we blast your business to our social media and we have over 200,000 people at our fingertips on Facebook alone encompassing 9 business pages and 20+ groups under our admin,  we have never paid for followers or likes, they are all organic and want to follow us, this took us over 7 years to develop.

We have over 2,000 Twitter followers (mostly business people) on various Twitter accounts  and 10,000+ LinkedIn contacts. We also have enviable reach on Bookmarking sites and we even have our own Press room with links to all the top PR sites around the world.

We also have a unique lead finding feature on this site to help you find new customers TODAY! Just click on our biz-find leads tab in main menu

In addition to our social media we manage over 20 individual blog  websites for business with around 2,000 content rich blogs encompassing all business subjects already published.Hundreds of  B2B Business people read our new and related blogs every day.

So just by adding your listing you will go live on our Facebook page and Twitter and LinkedIn, then on over 20 other pages and sites!

So what are you waiting for?

Across our 8 directory sites alone we receive around 50,000 visits a month.

So add your UK business to our directory FREE and we will do the rest and get to work promoting your business for you!

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We have directories and B2B Lead generation in the Far East!