Per Listing Packages

Our per listing packages let you pay for each listing separately.

Biz-find is manually managed by ex British Army UK business expats in the Far East, We know the difference between Yorkshire and Devon!!

We are one of the leading social media companies online.

We don't accept any old business!

Register your UK business, once approved, you will be seen in front of our monthly traffic of 40,000 who visit 200,000 pages, AND we will share your business to over 500,000 real people on social media just for joining which will drive website traffic to your business and will develop your brand and sales.

To go Free: Tell us three B2B or B2C products and services your company in buying now, failing that, a pound or two on Paypal ( would be much appreciated.

Pro Memberships have your company video embeds, more images, more sharing, can post classified ads, have access to sales leads, and more chance of business and more, all for the price of one cheap night out !!

Email us for more information :

Just so you know the United Kingdom is that little island North West of Europe, if your business is not situated on that island (Part of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Island ) you will not be approved, but we will consider banner ads if your business is not in UK

Free Basic Listing
Freefor a 5000 day listing.

Free (Paypal Donations Welcome) or tell us 3 B2B or B2C products and services you are currently sourcing!

  • 100 word plus description of your business
  • One image or logo
  • Website follow link
  • Keywords
  • One time sharing to 500,000 on Social Media
Pro Package Includes Social Media boosting and Sales Leads
£25for a 30 day listing.

25 Pounds a month for branding across the web.(£250 for the year)

  • All the features of Free PLUS: More images in a Gallery style to showcase your business
  • Embedded video direct from YouTube/Vimeo in your listing
  • Monthly sharing to Netmedia social Media accounts (circa 500,000 real people)
  • Facebook, Twitter AND Google Plus, IM, and Youtube Links
  • Access to Sales Leads (Qualified buyers looking for what you sell)
  • Posting of Classified ads to showcase Products and Services to 500k
  • Google map and Map pointer at top of page for more page views
  • Analytics to see where your page views are coming from
  • Free entry to competitions
Premium Professional
£287for a 30 day listing.

Front page exposure and weekly social media boosting

  • All the features of a Premium Listing PLUS:
  • Home page listing for exponential page views
  • Top of your business category static (All your competitors below you)
  • Weekly sharing to our social media accounts of 500,000 people
  • 4 blog posts written by us about your business published on Biz-find and shared to social Media
  • 1 syndicated Online press release written by us and published to over 50 news sites, and Netmedia social media reach of 500,000 real people

Membership Packages

Our membership packages let you submit multiple listings.

    Basic Membership
    £10for a Forever day membership.

    £10 per year

    Pro Member
    £20for a 30 day membership.

    unlimited listings and SEO

 All listings are removed once the listing or membership has expired unless renewed beforehand.