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biz-find.co.uk started life in March 2012 and is part of Netmediauk Limited (Inc Netmediathailand.com) We are a boutique online marketing companywith over 7 years experience of digital marketing.

We started out in 2005 as an email marketing and newsleter service, then we found social media was a lot more effective. We began to grow our social media reach without buying any fake likes along the way.

We opened up the UK company in 2012 and in 2012 we taught over 30 companies and helped them start a blog and start writing to find more clients online.

We  teach business how to find more leads on the Internet through blogging and content marketing and social media marketing expanding thier brands to nearly 3 billion people using the Internet today.

I searched the other day for’ online marketing training UK’  and my blog site

ukonlinemarketing.info was on page one Google

We are now resident in Thailand, we are British however it’s far too cold and expensive in UK so we run everything from the beach!

We started biz-findthailand.com in February 2013 along with socialmediamarketingthailand.com to compliment one another, that is now page one search engines! Due mainly to good content and altruistic work.

biz-find.co.uk is a business directory and article marketing site that is using social media to full effect and this is why you are seeing us a lot on Search engines.

We have even created our own search term as in over 9,000 people now search the term  ‘biz find’ on Google each month!

This is our search term on Google keyword tool:

biz find as a search term

biz find as a search term

We are unique in the fact that each company listing and article is managed by a human, and we make sure everyone has as much information abaout their business as they can, making us one of the most up to date resources for UK business there is.

We do not pre-dump information, and each article and business listing in our sites is optimised for search engines and once published is shared to over 30,000 people on our social media reach of around 30,000 followers, likes and contacts.

People want information and this site, we believe will give you plenty of business and services to choose from and lots of blogs  about all the different topics that help you start , grow and maintain a decent business in the UK.

You can write to us direct at info@netmedia-uk.com

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