UK Burns data How many people get burned each month?

Recent information from the Children’s Burns trust UK has been published regarding the number of children and young adults burned in one month, and it is a timely reminder that although we are all vigilant when it comes to getting burned, it does not take much and a momentary lapse in concentration to let a child or yourself get badly burned.

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Burns Data


The 0-2 year age group the most at risk as they are constantly exploring new areas of the home and parents of this age group will have more or less built a fortress with their toddler in mind. 2-4 Year old is a little more aware, but still prone to danger via active horseplay with other perhaps older children.

Where and by what do they get burned most?

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Where in the home we get burned.


The trust gives some common sense advice or treating burns. But we would recommend every home to have a first aid kit in a safe and easily accessible place, and have burns dressings inside the kit that are developed by the top innovators in the field of advanced first aid.

Cooing the burning process gives instant relief to burns victims and stopping the momentum of the burns through the layers of skin is what prevents long term scarring

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