Why Marketing people rule the world

Many of you think Marketing people are quite boring nerds, who have just a few tools we can use, like TV ads, websites, email marketing and how to make flyers. Yet in the shadows of the higher more respected branding agencies, the types Government

11 Top tips for getting Investment

OK you have something, it’s going to change the world, or make people’s lives easier, and it will help business people find leads or have something for that burning question everyone has. You have spent the last 10,000 hours testing and gettin

Arts and crafts Industry ( A few shocking stats)

Think that the little scrap book and stars and inserts big sister used to glue inside it as a little hobby, or granny crocheting a tea cosy is over due to the rise in technology and digital photography, think again. Concerned parents and teachers

The price of happiness

How much money do you need after bills to be happy? Recent research suggests we are not at all happy! Gross National happiness (GNH) The phrase was devised as a signal of commitment to creating an economy that would serve Bhutan's culture based on

7 ways you know you are a caring person

As an entrepreneur, in other words a person who loves pain and long periods of time in my life where I have no money mixed in with periods of personal euphoria and financial bliss, I am often challenged by adages telling me I should not care what peo