Stress less Thinking

Stress Less Thinking Stress is everywhere. Deadlines to meet, bills to pay, difficult people to deal with…. Not all stress is bad - it can motivate you, keep you paying attention to what needs to be done. We’ve all got our different ways of mana

The best chat up lines ever!

How to chat up women… You’ve decided it’s now or never, it’s time to talk to the girl of your dreams, and what you utter is quite simply the first words that you she will forever remember, even if you don’t. Most guys leave this to chanc

5 Takaways business tips from Apple

5 takaways from the one of the most successful companies in History: 1. Customer service Apple always were client centric, some find the over friendliness and somewhat geekiness of their store people a little weird, but then again Steve Jobs sa

Business matching the innate way

The last time I set up a blind date? Everything looked good on paper they did the same things, went to the same clubs, etc. Yet the whole thing was a disaster. Just seems that some people are better suited at match making than others, they seem to