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Are you an entrepreneurial crab?

Why Entrepreneurs love crabs....

Are you a Social Media Mugger?

The truth about learning effective Social media strategies

When and why did Christmas become so main stream?

How and why we celebrate the Winter solstice

Is there enough profit for you to go it alone?

How to work out if you have enough profit to tell the Boss where to stick his job

11 Top tips for getting Investment

What are the questions that Investors will ask and how to answer them.

Arts and crafts Industry ( A few shocking stats)

Shocking stats that may change your mind about the colossal Arts and Crafts Industry.

The price of happiness

Hw much money after tax and bills does i take to be happy?

7 ways you know you are a caring person

As an entrepreneur, in other words a person who loves pain and long periods of time in my life where I have no money mixed in with periods of personal euphoria and financial bliss, I am often challeng