Pay popadums get curried English! (Content writing)

This week we are proud to announce a world class writer  who is coming on board the Biz-find team as a content copywriter for your business.

Keith Hancock is a Manchester lad who lives in Bangkok Thailand. He is one of the only Asian diamond approved article writers on Ezine articles, and I knew, for his first article, he would write something very special for us to tell us why you should always get the best content writing experts in for your business website:

Have you ever stopped to think why some websites move happily along garnering customers like there is no tomorrow, whilst others, even though offering a similar service, just seem to stagnate and go nowhere? Quite often it is not because of what they are saying but how they are saying it. Any body of written work needs to capture the reader in the first few sentences. Putting this bluntly, it is more likely that you are still reading this, than if it had been outsourced to a company using writers whose first language wasn’t English. This is not some kind of Nationalistic rant, it is simply a statement of fact. Using my remembered schoolboy knowledge coupled with todays online tools and support systems, I am sure I could write a few paragraphs in French. However to a native French speaker it would sound laboured and stiff, and would never sound as natural as it would were it written by a French person.

Biz-find Popaddum

Biz-find Popaddum

More and more companies are outsourcing content writing to countries where labour is cheap. They will write huge volumes of content for your websites at seemingly very cheap prices. However your customers will most likely take one cursory peek at your site before losing interest and going elsewhere. If the content is well written and informative, they are more likely to stick with it and more importantly, share it with others. It is ease of reading that drives that all important traffic to your site, not word count. A few keywords may appear to be working in the early days of your site being published but it is repeated business and recommendations that will really begin to drive it onwards and upwards in those all important search engine rankings.

In a way it’s similar to those phone calls that we all get from time to time. You know the ones I mean, a guy with more than a hint of an Islamabad accent introduces himself as Simon and asks If you want a free consultation over your central heating system. I am always left with a feeling that somehow, someone sitting in an air-conditioned call centre office in the middle of the subcontinent is not really quite in tune with the needs of someone freezing to death in Carlisle in January. They might be perfectly fine and decent people, but they are just not in tune with local needs.

To sum up, if you are serious about your business and require customer traffic to drive it forward. Paying a slightly higher price at the start will reap dividends for the future. Help us to help you and we are confident that you will be delighted at the results.

We are always looking forward to being happily working with you for all our tomorrows… See, it just doesn’t work, does it?

Biz-find writer |Keith Hancock

Biz-find writer |Keith Hancock

Keith Hancock

To get Keith to write for your business contact Netmediauk

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March 13, 2013 9:24 am

Nice work. It’s true that native speakers add real value when it comes to content. In particular, capturing idion is almost impossible for ESL speakers. Indian English is also often quite archaic and doesn’t keep pace with the latest terminology in British English.