How to use Biz-find to get more branding and direct contacts for your business

Biz-find UK is on the surface a business directory, companies find us on Google and other search engines where they see another company advertised on our site, so they decide:

“Well it’s free and I understand a back-link from a decent site helps our own Google rank. So OK I’ll add my business to the site “

So they register their business and hope for clicks, and since 2012 5,000 companies have added their business to biz-find.

But we are so much more than a free directory!

Did you know we are the No.1 Social Media marketing trainers in Thailand and Laos and have good rank in the other 7 Countries we are active in? Google us and you will find Netmedia on Google home pages. We have been consulting business on Sales and Marketing as Netmedia UK and Netmedia-Asia since 2009

Did you know we have over 500,000 members on Facebook pages and groups in almost every business sector?

Did you know we have multiple Twitter accounts for the different countries we are in and we have over 10,000 followers without ever paying for any dodgy followers?

Did you know we have over 10,000 (as of 27/2/2017) hand picked contacts (all business owners or Directors) on LinkedIn and we are active in over 30 LinkedIn groups

Did you know we are active in all the top social media websites on the internet Including Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, stumble upon, Tumbler etc etc?

Which took us 10 years hard work.

But how does any of this help you?

OK; Imagine I shared your business right now to our Twitter and Facebook groups and on LinkedIn, what would happen?

You will receive page views on your listing on Biz-find instantly!

A percentage of these page views will turn into business for you!  Even free listings get many page views via our social media.

This is the crux of Biz-find; page views!

How to improve your page views conversion rate?

….. in other words:

How to get more people who see you on Biz-find to contact you directly?

Answer: Get upgraded for just £25 a month, it’s that simple.

Because when we send all these people to see your business from Social media, THEN:

  • If they see more images
  • If they see an embedded Video
  • If they can see your Google plus account and more social media accounts
  • If they see you Instant Messenger Skype, Whatsap etc
  • If they see your google map pointer at the top of the fold (top half of the page where lazy people who don’t scroll down see first)
  • Getting a featured ad on our twice monthly newsletter to 20,000 subscribers

They are more likely to contact you, you get one chance of that first impression so make sure your listing has more to see!

Access to Sales Leads

Added to this: You get access to the buyers we receive each week who want to buy your products in your area, remember when you signed up for a free account we asked you what you are buying? Well; these leads are posted in one page categorised so they are easy to find, and you can contact the decision maker now for the price of the upgrade.

Added to that classifieds

We are also a classifieds ad site so when you have a pro membership you can post adverts for your products and services or anything at all you want to sell and we share all ads to our 500k social media accounts all for free as many ads as you like!

Free competitions.

We do great deals every quarter with members to get real prizes in return for marketing that we offer to our members, the prizes have included flights worth at least £500 and Hotel stays in top Hotels around the world you are enrolled every month to win if you are on a pro membership.

All that for 25 quid ??! YES! or £250 for the year. sign up > here

We also do web design, online press releases, SEO, and direct marketing for any kind of business contact for a bespoke marketing plan.

We are British expats in Asia (Ex Army)


We are members of the ISMM and UK Registered SFEDI mentors.

Netmedia ISMM

Netmedia Fellow of ISMM